UI toolkit for enterprise-grade applications

We are focused on creating rich components like forms, tables, modals, etc that add an exceptional experience in the most sophisticated business apps


Modern design

We have designed a modern and minimalist UI kit that is easy to use and looks great on any platform. Our design includes the latest trends and is packed with powerful features.


Each component can be customized according to the style of the application using the configuration variables. The components are compatible with other libraries, being isolated doesn’t conflict in style or functionality.

Well documented

We understand that good documentation can save a lot of time in implementation, so we have prepared a Storybook with well-described API for a great development experience


We focus on performance and high-quality code, and all updates are rigorously checked and tested to release only improvements with each release.


Create a wireframe before development with our kit on Figma, which can later be easily developed with the components in the library.


Explore our Storybook with a well-described API for a great development experience. Contribute with your examples of implementation and share your experience with our community.

Join the

At ebs.io each of our community members take the time to listen and enjoy working and succeeding together. We’re straightforward and avoid using complicated jargon.


EBS.io is open and happy to share. We won’t hide anything. If there’s a problem we’ll own up and make sure it’s fixed promptly, in the stakeholder’s interest.


If value the same principles, join the community and let’s bring software development to the next level.