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EBS - E-Business Suite (Oracle Corporation)
EBS - Electronic Braking System
EBS - Elastic Block Storage (Amazon Web Services)
EBS - Excess Burst Size
EBS - Electronic Brainstorming
EBS - European Bamboo Society
EBS - E-Business Strategy
EBS - Effective Behaviour Support
EBS - Electronic Bank Statement(s)
EBS - Electronic Business Set
EBS - Electron Bombarded Silicon
EBS - Edison Brothers Stores, Inc.
EBS - External Blob Store (Microsoft)
EBS - Electronic Bid Solicitation
EBS - Econotel Business Systems, Inc.
EBS - El-Nasr Boys' School (Alexandria, Egypt)
EBS - Enemy Boat Spotted (gaming)
EBS - Electronic Business Service
EBS - Electronic Bid Set
EBS - Electronic Bid Set (USACE)
EBS - Electronic Booking System
EBS - Equipment Breakdown Structure (project management)
EBS - Electron Backscattering
EBS - Effects Based Strategy (Australia)
EBS - Edible Ballot Society (Canada)
EBS - Electronic Battlefield Series (gaming)
EBS - Erindale Biology Society
EBS - Edmund Burke School
EBS - Exterior Bulk Storage
EBS - Elnasr Boys School (Shatby, Alexandria, Egypt)
EBS - Electron Beam/Bombarded Semiconductor
EBS - Education Brodcasting System (ROK)
EBS - Emergency Boration System
EBS - Ecolab Business Solution (Germany)
EBS - Ebony Biomedical Services, Inc.
EBS - Evergreen Building Solutions, Ltd (Seattle, Washington)
EBS - Euro Bonus Silver
EBS - Electronic Broking Service Limited (London, UK broker for interbank spot foreign exchange)
EBS - Empire Board Supply
EBS - Employee Benefit Strategies, L.L.C.
EBS - Environmental Brake Services Corporation
EBS - Ernst Berg Systems (Belgium)
EBS - Equivalent Fixed Barrier Speed
EBS - Europäischen Bildungsforum Schuhe
EBS - European Banking Society
EBS - Environmental Building Solutions, LLC (New York, NY)
EBS - Environnement Bâtiments Services (French: Environmental Building Services)
EBS - Épidermolyse Bulleuse Simple (French: Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex)
EBS - Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex (skin condition)
EBS - Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.
EBS - Employee Benefits Survey
EBS - End Building Node (network topology)
EBS - Employee Benefit Solutions, Inc. (Houston, TX)
EBS - Employee Benefit Specialist
EBS - Escaliers Bois Stella (French: Stella Wood Stairs; manufacturer)
EBS - Essential Business Server (software)
EBS - Essor Bresse Saône (French soccer club)
EBS - Emergency Breakdown Service
EBS - Emergency Breathing System
EBS - Emergency Broadcast System
EBS - Emergency Bunker Surcharge (shipping)
EBS - Emballage Bois Service (French: Wood Packaging Service)
EBS - Emdeon Business Services (Nashville, TN)
EBS - Engine Brake System (motorized vehicles)
EBS - Engineered Barrier System
EBS - Engineered Business Systems, Inc.
EBS - Engineering Biological Systems (various organizations)
EBS - Enhanced Braking System (Black & Decker Corporation)
EBS - Enterprise Backup Software (various companies)
EBS - Enterprise Backup System (Compaq)
EBS - Enterprise Business Systems
EBS - Environmental Baseline Survey
EBS - Electronic Business Solutions (Murray, KY)
EBS - Electronic Business Strategy
EBS - Elevated Blood Sugar (health statistic)
EBS - Ellen Browning Scripps (California)
EBS - Electronic Banking Service
EBS - Electronic Banking System
EBS - Electronic Bid Submission (business proposals)
EBS - Electronic Billing Solutions (various locations)
EBS - Electronic Billing System (software)
EBS - Early Bird Special
EBS - East Bionic Symphonia (band)
EBS - Ecology Building Society (UK)
EBS - Efficient Business Systems (various locations)
EBS - European Biotechnology Symposium
EBS - European Business School
EBS - European Business Studies
EBS - Evening Bike Society
EbS - Europe by Satellite
EBS - Executive Business Service
EBS - Expeditionary Bomb Squadron (US DoD)

Why buy this domain name?

If you've ever attempted to name a company you'll know that choosing the right brand name is an art in itself. The best domain names were taken over 10 years ago but in today's modern Internet age the domain name is the brand and it's integral to choose the right name for your company, a name that captures the essence of your business.

Giving your brand the right name is much like naming your own child. It has to be unique, but at the same time, it should be simple and memorable for people outside the family. Particular sounds inspire positive emotions and they result in experiences that are liked, remembered, and shared. Marketing and PR companies have been leveraging this strategy for decades to reinforce positive, memorable experiences through sound.

The best company names are short, snappy, emotion-driven and memorable as a result. If you're struggling to name your company think about the emotions that you want to be felt by your target customer. A 2003 study by neuroscientist Vilanyanur Ramachandran detailed the relationship between certain parts of the brain and metaphors. In the study Ramachandran concluded that sounds are metaphors for images and that people experience sounds through tastes and colors. The instant we hear a new word our brains immediately work trying to make sense of it: Does it sound like something we've heard before? How does it feel? What does it remind us of?

According to scientific studies, the average person can remember only seven digits at any one time. If you want your target customers to remember your brand name and if you want it to jump out at them, the rule of thumb is to make it as short and as catchy as possible.

A great name can create buzz, position you as a true leader and innovator, and reinforce your value proposition in one word. That's powerful! It can convey a culture or a position, and differentiate a company, product or service from the rest of the market. Whereas a poor name can negate the work you do to build a position in the market.